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Log History for ATITD7 Amunet shard : System

2016-09-25 03:04:11 The fireworks display has concluded
2016-09-25 02:36:11 A fireworks display will begin in 20 minutes at the Pyrotechnics Stadium Headquarters at Midland Valley 851 5065
2016-09-24 17:20:37 The Hour of the Phoenix has ended.
2016-09-24 16:12:26 The Hour of the Phoenix has begun.
2016-09-24 08:21:02 Hour of the Night Tower, No towers were built.
2016-09-23 17:25:55 The Hour of the Phoenix has ended.
2016-09-23 16:17:14 The Hour of the Phoenix has begun.
2016-09-23 13:54:26 The favored beacon activity has changed.

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