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Log History for ATITD6 Amunet shard : System

2015-08-27 22:14:36 The Hour of the Phoenix has ended.
2015-08-27 21:48:13 Hour of the towerrichsoil, 2 towers built. The top 2 claims are: M:loctar claimed 34.91% using 1 towers. M:Ethan claimed 65.09% using 1 towers.
2015-08-27 21:09:13 The Hour of the Phoenix has begun.
2015-08-27 07:23:07 Hour of the towerhandofman, 2 towers built. The top 2 claims are: M:Rehpic claimed 49.99% using 1 towers. F:Aku claimed 50.01% using 1 towers.
2015-08-27 03:05:53 Scientists at the Great University of the Human Body announce: There has been a death. M:Skyfeather has succumbed to the effects of the Speed of the Serpent. We have extracted a serum from the deceased's blood, and are running experiments.
2015-08-26 22:38:53 Pre-orders are back online. Thank you for your patience
2015-08-26 18:36:40 Pluribus Here.... Due to power work here, I will need to turn off pre-orders at 2:30PM Central (GMT-0500) until the power comes back on... I Apologize for the inconvience... (But my payment processing machine is one of the effected machines)
2015-08-26 15:48:51 Bureaucracy opportunities go to: F:blondie with 80 signatures
2015-08-26 15:09:25 The Hour of the Phoenix has ended.
2015-08-26 14:04:20 The Hour of the Phoenix has begun.
2015-08-26 12:39:05 Hour of the towerlivingland, 4 towers built. The top 3 claims are: M:loctar claimed 11.12% using 1 towers. M:Rehpic claimed 14.26% using 1 towers. M:Robbie claimed 74.62% using 2 towers.

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